April 26, 2010

Tag Ms.LIttle Sister

Since i've been tagged for the 8th picture from the 8th picture folder::
so here goes...

ahhaha..adam performing the solat!!
this rare footage caught in the act after ayoh performing his solat maghrib
way to go adam!!

so, i tag-back rinthetooth,::

nearest up coming birthday in your list,sila sertakan siapa dan ucapan skali..hahaha

April 13, 2010

rUbbeRsTamP+OptIcAL sHop + A&W + ChoC mOuSSe + PoPuLar BooKsTore + rUBBerSTamP aGaiN~

ok..its only started with..UJ Paper store..yg mane direkemenkan oleh my dearest long untuk tempah rubber stamp for my lollicloset...tunggu..tunggu..tetibe datang makcik whom i thought she was one of the customers..and the store is ridiculously sempit ...really..ok..back to makcik tadi..and yes she was the one who handle all the rubberstamp thing...what??...and so..i doubtlessly tanye makcik tu.."buleh dok wak logo supo nih??"..and doubtlessly too makcik answered me.."emm betok pelik2 nih tokleh nok wak.."in a very low tone voice..yes,i thought so..a very dissapointing answer from makcik..well..thanx anyway makcik~!..we headed home,fetch jay and drop him to school......


Then we headed to one and only KBmall looking for optical shop..where my sister have checked her eyes twice in two different stores~..huh...and she have some hyperopia and glare problem..hmm...and i bought myself another 3 pair of contact lenses...and of course we can't leave the mall without having a munch..BIG MUNCH..i mean...we chose A&W..heaven!


i'm having a double deluxe burger,and she's having a mozza burger..yeah..there goes again our diet~and..alang2 breaking the rules tu...she bought me THIS!

yay! a choc mousse for me..thanx darl!

After satisfying our taste bud..we climb up to popular bookstore,coz i want to buy some brown paper and a ring file...while pointing my eyes choosing a ring file..something distract my brain...i have to pee!http://emo.huhiho.com......................................ok done!.back to the store,bought a couple of brown paper and a yellow ring file to keep my receipts organized...


Then , we're on our way back to office..huh..office..hehe..hampir2 nak batalkan niat nak wat rubberstamp..and suddenly out of nowhere (cos we didn't notice before that)...ONE STOP EXCEL having a rubberstamp promotion!..all in one place..love it!http://emo.huhiho.com.after having a little Q&A...i decided to show them my logo draft..going down to parking lot..and back up to the rubberstamp kiosk..while on the travelator going up..hehe..there's a clumsy aunty almost having a face-plant sebab nk trun dari travelator yg tengah naik tu..all because she wants to have a look at crocs sandal...huhhttp://emo.huhiho.comtolong jgn wt camtu lagi...

and finally, i manage to booked my own custom lollicloset rubberstamp..thanx one-stop excel..you make my day easier!!!


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