October 23, 2011

rase nak buat GA lagi :)

saje nk survey..kalau mia buat GA..ade yg nak join tk?
hadiah opkos limited edition punye..*takde remake*
kalau agak2 ramai nk join..hadiah mia buat kasi gempak skit la..hahaha

October 19, 2011

order :: just posted III

 order from Nadiah - cam case

 Mimi - hp case and hp charms

Tqah - cassette coin purse and icon fridge magnets


PrettyDeliciousCuppies :: Fyda - MU theme

and yesterday i'm welcoming my newborn nephew


October 18, 2011

wake up people

clearly..our world was about to end..Nauzubillah..what more worst than this ZERO HUMANITY value shown in this video??..Im speechless to say anything abt this..ridiculously unacceptable..

October 13, 2011

meant to do nothing

this is wht i do when i hv nothing to do..slalu blagak sombong je ngn blog ni..jenguk pun jarang..jauh skali nk post entry tiap2 hari..plus im not a good writer though...semalam time busy men'juling' mata buat deco utk cupcake..hujan lebat woo...tetiba terasa ade benda merayap dekat kaki...dlm kepala ni igtkan LIPAS..tp bukan...sedara kembar lain mak bapak dgn lipas..LIPAN rupanya..besar?..dlm 2 inci lebih..dkt2 ngn 3 inci...besar jgk la kan?..nasib baik tk sempat disengatnye..terus tkde mood nak sambung wt deco cupcake..kemas2..tdor..hahaha

malam ni tkleh nk buat ape..

1. nk post latest LolliCraft  punyer order? - gmba dah snap,camera plak tertinggal kt ofis
2. nk snap gmba latest baby headband collection? - headband2 dan prop bwk balik,tp seperti diatas..camera tertinggal :((
3. nk sambung jahit order seterusnye? - gunting,gam,label dan beberapa gulung benang pun tertinggal kt ofis
4. nk hias cupcake? - cupcake baru masak,..tmbh plak..haih nk hias cake mlm2 buta ni kang lain plak jadinye..

oh yes..i finally get myself a longtime-desired......

-photo courtesy from google-

exactly same color...oohh..happy!..murah je bag ni rm35..postage free plak tu heee...

so..i think i was meant to rest tonight...i need it :)
nyte peeps..bloggers..readers..friends..crafters..sisters..everyone...zzzzz~~

October 6, 2011

high-cuts 'n' clackers

 urghh..tak bleh tdo..alang2 tk bleh tdo ni..pe kate update blog kan?..

 how bout some random facts about shoes..shall we?

-The word “stiletto” comes from Latin and means “a stake; a pointed instrument”.-
- First sneakers were made in the U.S. in the beginning of the 20th century. 
They were called 'keds' at the time.-

-Before the 19th century, shoes were identical- there were no right or left.-

bulk order from Ms Syulieyati..50pcs of high-cut sneakers n high heels..thanks for ordering :)


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