November 2, 2009

t h e g h o s t s

2 6 1 0 0 9 :: p e t t i n g g h o s t s
Last monday,beli ikan black ghost knifefish...
ade gak org panggil amazon ghost
sbb these beauties actually originated dr sungai amazon...dah lame tringin nak bela ikan ni.
Dah beli baru research pasal ikan ni..
they're actually nocturnal.. bleh besar sampai 20 inci...huh so exciting..these ghosts sbenarnye sgt pemalu and jinak..most of the time they spent with hiding..i just put a big sea shell which is not in the picture...hehe..seronok tgk ikan2 ni explore sea shell tu..can't wait to see them getting bigger..interesting facts about these fish is.."unknown sex difference"..sbb as you can see...seluruh bdn ikan ni hitam..and ade skit putih kt ekor..same both yang di bela tau la..maybe a couple..maybe both male/female...some amazonian tribe pecaya yang ikan ni is the spirit of those who has departed or should i say DEAD..ewww creepy..0_o

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