January 11, 2010

'Act like a lady..Think like a man'

:: r a s a n a k b e l i b u k u n i::

watching oprah just now..she invited this brilliant man Steve Harvey talking about men's perspective..sy rasa buku ni sgt membantu mostly to ladies..things that ladies always wondering about men..ade satu audience tu..citer problem die ngan exbf die(after wasted 4 years relationship)...terkantoi ade secret cellphone...and dalam secret cellphone tu about 35 woman's contact number..then she tried to have a conversation with one of them and yang best tuh..that lady is actually having relationship ngan exbf die for almost 7 years...so she ask this Steve Harvey "why men cheat?"..and he simply answer mens cheat for so many reasons..and yang paling best jwpn die.."mens cheat because so many womens willing to cheat with him"...hmmm..best kan?...the rest i think kne beli kot buku nih...

::me?? book reviewing??...hehe::

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