June 8, 2011


hey..hey..lame tk update entry kan?..kan?...busy ngn bulk order..plus tkde ape yg best pun nk post..or else i'll end-up posting crap entry..ok..ok..here some shots of orders tht keeping me from crapping my blog
*i will curse a lot in this entry*

tadaaa~..nmpk tk butterfly n munga tu...mia try style baru plak..kasik over-sized skit rather than entirely sew them down..konon2 cam 3d la..ok tk eyh?.. (>.<) ..hope ms.nida suke ye...XD

and these babies are fridge magnets...ordered by ms.norin..she's my returned customer..thanx a lot for understanding sbb time buat order die ni..rasenye siput pun gelakkan mia sbb lmbt sgt..i mean..lambat sangaatt...but i enjoyed evry second of it..heeee

"thank u for ordering,sisters!"

-i gain weight-im a fat *ss-
-labels bar dah bertukar ke sebelah kiri..kekok~-
-tekan enter nk buat new line tk jadik-

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