September 22, 2010

dear brain,i need to sleep

[can't sleep]
{wht the heck am i doing at 3.30am listening to annoying taylor swift on the radio}
[i wish i could fall asleep while i'm typinggggggggggggggg..zzzzzz]
{nah..just kidding - tpu la leh tkan huruf 'z' pnjg2 tu kan}
[urgghh..i want to sleep]
{penangan segelas kopi 'o'..}
[mate da ngantuk gile..otak tknk tdo]
::nape time wat design dlu otak tk ligat camni??::
::ikutkan hati biji kopi mentah2 tu aku nk telan,ngantuk jugak::

something about caffeine(bhn kimia yg sedang bekerja dlm kpla hotak aku skrg):

Color: Although most caffeinated beverages have a dark color, caffeine is actually a white, bitter-tasting, crystalline substance (much like the description of cocaine).  Further, darkly roasted coffee has less caffeine than lightly roasted.

How it Works: Caffeine causes your brain to have a higher sense of alertness and an increased level of dopamine, improving your feeling of well-being and your mood. Consumed in liquid form, caffeine reaches all tissues of the body within five minutes, while peak blood levels are reached in about 30 minutes.  Normally, almost all ingested caffeine is metabolized.

ok,skrg sy cube untuk tdo..babai

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